Alumnus shifts career from engineering to film, tv and production

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After graduating from Loughborough, Robin Lee worked as an engineer for almost 20 years. The alumnus has always been interested in additional pursuits alongside his career and has recently taken his creative interests to the next level We found out more about his appearances in films, his new children’s book and his screenplay.

An illustrated poster of three gherkins dressed in clothes and a fork on a kitchen floor.

Robin completed his degree in Product Design and Manufacturing in 2003. He has worked as an engineer for the majority of his career but has started exploring acting and writing in the last three years.  

He has made appearances in many blockbuster films including Dunkirk, 1917, and Jurassic World. Robin is pursuing other acting roles and he has had his first credit in Lawrence After Arabia where he played the role of William Bradbury. He has also had various roles in independent films.  

The alumnus is looking to take his ventures in film to the next level and is in the process of writing his own feature film screenplay, Infirmis. The thriller has already gained some recognition, being selected for multiple screenplay competitions and reaching the final stages in three of them. Out of these competitions Infirmis was named the winner of the screenplay category at the 4theatre festival. Robin’s film is in the preproduction stage and has attracted the interest of top industry professionals including an experienced CGI expert who has previously worked for blockbusters such as the Fast and Furious franchise and the Matrix. 

In addition to his work in film, Robin has written a children’s bookGherkins on the Sauce - Fork in the Road, which follows the adventures of three gherkins who escaped the pickle jar and their journey as they leave the fridge. 

Sharing more about his book, Robin said: 

“This book is one of many in progress all providing young readers with exciting, funny and entertaining stories that also offer a moral or important message about life's difficulties and challenges. I have loved the enjoyment the Gherkins has given the children that have read their story and I hope it can reach many more.” 

Check out Robin’s work on Instagram for Gherkins on the Sauce and on Facebook for more information on Infirmis.