Alumna shares her journey in creative writing

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Itseme Akede started off as a self-taught writer and has since developed a passion for the skill. She has been recognised for a number of her writing projects, winning prizes and competitions for her work.

The book cover of Itseme's book Party of One.

Itseme graduated with a master's degree in Business Psychology in 2022. Although she pursued an academic career in business, Itseme has always had a passion for writing with her earliest memories included writing stories in notebooks which her classmates took turns reading in high school. The alumna had her first book released in 2021, the same year she started her postgraduate degree at Loughborough. Her first book was a trio of unrelated short stories titled Party of One.

Whilst at Loughborough, Itseme was heavily involved in various creative writing projects such as being the recipient of the Loughborough Creative Arts Writing Scholarship which included receiving an award, cash prize and a mentorship opportunity. In addition to this, the alumna kept busy in her weekly writing workshop which gave her the opportunity to develop her skills further. Also, whilst at Loughborough, Itseme won the BAME Essay Competition for her essay ‘Increasing Racial Diversity in Psychology’. 

Altogether she has written over 100 short stories, many of which she shares with subscribers of her newsletter ‘Letters From I’. Itseme likes to explore all genres of writing with stories in her newsletter ranging from thriller to romance and comedy.  

Her most recent venture, which was released in May, is a children’s book entitled All His Beautiful Creations. She has long been interested in writing children’s books and wants her debut book to be the beginning of future projects.

Itseme's books His Beautiful Creatures stacked in a pile on a white background.

Itseme intends to continue writing and release new books. She hopes to one day see them on the big screen! She is also interested in facilitating writing workshops where she can help others develop their skills.  

You can check out Itseme’s stories online