Palestine football nutritionist Diala also runs successful health and nutrition blog

A group of people posing in various ways in a sports hall.

Diala Shaheen graduated with a master's degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition in 2021 and has been making remarkable progress in the field of football and sports nutrition since.

An image of Diala standing next to a sportsperson on weighing scales.

After finishing her education, the alumna pursued a career in sport and has been at the forefront of sports nutrition in Palestinian sport in the last couple of yearsShe works as a head sports nutritionist at the Palestine Football Association and Palestine Olympic Committee and was the first nutritionist to hold a master's degree in sports nutrition in Palestine.  

Diala works on the Olympic Preparation programme which supports 13 athletes across various sports such as swimming, triathlon, and wrestling. The programme supports athletes in all aspects of their career including training and training camps, competitions, medical support, nutrition and physiotherapy, and marketing.  

The alumna works in the medical branch of the team and uses her specialisation in nutrition to support athletes. Within her role she has close contact with the athletes and provides ongoing communication and support throughout the competitive season. 

Working with the Palestine National Football first team, Diala has been the only female team member on the team. She supports football players with everything nutrition relatedrunning key aspects of development including meal plans, body composition and injury recovery nutrition. Since the beginning of this programme the team has achieved a full mark in the Asia Cup qualifications and is preparing for the Asia Cup 2023 

In addition to her work within sports, Diala also runs a health and nutrition blogThe Hummus Theory. The blog presents sports nutrition in a practical way as well as nutritious and easy recipes suitable for beginners. The Hummus Theory Instagram account has been very popular and is close to 50,000 followers. 

The blog provides a variety of recipes ranging from breakfasts through to dinner and even includes snacks!  

Find out more about Diala’s work in nutrition on Instagram, Facebook, and the Hummus Theory Blog.