Generations of Loughborough alumni celebrate graduation on campus

Chris and Lauren Martin stand together on the rugby pitch. Lauren wears a cap and gown and is holding her degree certificate. Chris wears a suit and a Loughborough tie. In the background there’s a rugby post, the business school building, and the Hazlerigg and Rutland buildings.

Chris and Lauren Martin stand together on the rugby pitch

Last week several Loughborough alumni celebrated the next generation of Loughborough graduates in their families! Here we have three lovely stories of children following in the footsteps of their parents and graduating with degrees from Loughborough.

Chris Martin wearing a graduation gown
Chris Martin at his graduation in 1993

The Martin family have several Loughborough degree qualifications between them, including one shiny brand-new certificate awarded last week during the summer ceremonies.

Chris and Jo Martin studied at Loughborough in the 1990s and they both earned bachelor’s and PhD qualifications. Chris graduated with a degree in Chemistry in 1993 and a PhD in 1997. His wife Jo also studied Chemistry, graduating in 1995 and with her PhD in 1999.

Last week, Lauren Martin graduated with a first-class degree in Sports and Exercise Science – almost thirty years to the day after her Dad graduated with his degree in chemistry. It was a special moment for them as they celebrated Lauren’s achievements. Dad, Chris even wore a Loughborough tie for the occasion! 

Lauren isn’t the only second-generation member of the family to come to Loughborough. Her sister Issie has just completed her second year of a Fine Art degree – a true Loughborough family! Congratulations, Lauren, and good luck to Issie.

We spotted other families on campus together also celebrating their generational achievements.

On Twitter, Caroline Robba celebrated with her twin daughters. Caroline posted “Like mother like daughters - graduating from Loughborough University 29 years later”.

The three of them held up their certificates for their Bachelor of Science degrees.

Caroline studied Economics with Accountancy and graduated 29 years ago in 1994. She brought along her certificate to share the special moment with daughters Caitlin and Shania.

The twins were both active in sports teams during their time at university, getting involved in sports such as handball and futsal. They have not only got involved in Loughborough sports teams but have also competed for Gibraltar. Shania plays football internationally, and Caitlin is a futsal goalkeeper.

Caitlin studied Sport and Exercise Science, whilst Shania studied Psychology, and they graduated on the same day. Congratulations to them on their degrees!

Caitlin, Caroline and Shania Robba each holding their degree certificates. Caitlin and Shania are wearing graduation caps and gowns. The trio stand on grass and in the background is Towers Hall.Caitlin, Caroline and Shania Robba 

Over on video sharing platform, TikTok, new graduate Molly Seal shared a video of her parents’ graduations with the caption “POV (point of view): your parents graduated from the same university as you in the 90s”.

Molly has just completed her degree in Sport Science, Coaching and Physical Education. She lived in Towers hall in first year and returned there for her final year of study as the Welfare and Diversity rep. She also played some basketball for the 2nd and 3rd teams in her first year and also played IMS basketball in final year.

Her mother, Sam Seal (nee Brown), and Chris Seal started their time at Loughborough in 1991 and they found themselves on the same course, English and Physical Education & Sport Science, and living in Elvyn Richards, both in court 5A. Of course, it didn’t take long for them to become ‘an item’. They graduated in 1994 and continued studying for another year. Sam did a Masters in Recreation Management and Chris a PGCE in Physical Education & History.

Sam and Chris Seal at their graduation. They are wearing graduation gowns.Sam and Chris Seal at their graduation in 1994

The TikTok video, shared by Molly, includes several photographs of her parents when they were at Loughborough in the 90s, having opened with their newest family photo celebrating Molly’s achievements. Congratulations!

Chris, Molly and Sam Seal. Molly is wearing a graduation cap and gown. In the background there are trees, plants, and water. The photograph is taken at the west end of the campus, outside the Sir Denis Rooke building.Chris, Molly and Sam Seal

Did you celebrate graduation with another family member? We would love to hear from you! Please get in touch by email.

Congratulations to all of our Loughborough graduates, and welcome to the Alumni Association.