Two Loughborough alumni join forces to celebrate Leicester’s De Montfort Hall in a new book

 Author Bruce Pegg (left) and publisher Richard Houghton at Leicester's Central Library - photo Mark Healey

Bruce Pegg and Richard Houghton, graduated from Loughborough in 1981 with degrees in English.

They have recently collaborated on a book, Goin' Down De Mont, that tells the story of De Montfort Hall, a music venue in the East Midlands, with a rock and pop legacy that goes back almost 60 years.

Bruce Pegg at the central library making a rock pose and playing an electrical guitar in front of a stand.

Bruce, originally from Leicester but now living in Cazenovia, New York, compiled the book, which brings together over 200 concert memories. It includes fan recollections of seeing The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. 

Richard, who lives in Manchester, set up his own publishing company in 2021, specialising in books about rock music. His company, Spenwood Books, published Goin' Down De Mont in 2022. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the book, Bruce said:  

I fell in love with music, and with the De Montfort Hall in particular, on 11 June 1973. I was a wide-eyed teenage boy, standing precariously on a chair in the middle of a seething crowd of people, watching a thin, androgynous, red-haired figure in a flamboyant costume and women’s makeup, singing and acting on the stage just a short distance away: David Bowie.” 

Richard added: 

Bruce and I have stayed in touch over the years despite him being on another continent, and when I saw that he'd started blogging about the De Montfort Hall and recalling concerts he'd seen there, I thought 'that would make a great book!'” 

The pair undertook a number of promotional events around Leicester to mark the launch of the book. 

Goin' Down De Mont - A People's History of Rock and Pop Concerts at Leicester's De Montfort Hall is available from 

Bruce Pegg posing with his book at the Central Library in front of a decorated stand.