Alumna paves the way for inclusive and sustainable fashion with Askari

A purple background with pink circles on with an image of Uma wearing a printed shirt with the Askari logo on it in the middle of the canvas.

Uma Shah graduated with a degree in Textiles Innovation and Design in 2019. Since graduating the alumna has worked in several creative roles and in recent years established herself in fashion design.

Two models wearing an Askari two piece.

Uma is a fashion designer and stylist and is currently based in London. She has experience across an array of creative disciplines, having worked in Print Design, Film and Production. Uma recently had the opportunity to Co-design the African Fashion Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum which ran from 2 July 2022 until 16 April 2023 

Continuing to pursue a career in the industry, Uma started her job as a fashion stylist at the popular retailer River Island. Alongside her day job the alumna took the initiative and decided to drive her creativity further by starting her own fashion brandAskari 

Her streetwear brand was launched in 2021 and was inspired by Uma’s African and South Asian heritage. As a brand, Askari focuses on sustainability and inclusivity for its consumers. The sustainability focus is seen through the brands production process which takes place in a factory run solely on solar and wind energy. Additionally, Uma’s brand donates 50 pence of each purchase to Plan International, a charity working to improve the lives of children around the world.  

Two models dressed in a matching Askari two-piece.

Askari aims to promote inclusivity as one of its key values. It does this by representing a range of different people.The fashion brand brings this to life through their campaign #findyourinnerwarrior on their Instagram account and blog, where they tell stories of inspiring individuals and discuss topics like body positivity, mental health and colourism A range of models posing in blue print Askari clothing.

In the last year and a half, the alumna-founded brand has been a part of a number of events including collective:SOUL, ‘Burst LDN’ and a ‘Friday Late’ catwalk at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Askari is also due to be showcasing on a catwalk in the ReAction fashion week in November this year. Due to its successthe brand has been featured in various outlets including Juice, Brown Gril and Gal-dem, Violet Light and Goji magazines and on BBC Asian Network and BBC Radio London radio shows. 

Find out more on Askari’s website and Instagram.