Artistic alumna Dorota tells the story of reconnecting with her creative side

A purple background with pink circles on with an image of Dorota in the middle of the canvas.

Dorota Biniecka graduated with a masters in Design Innovation Management in 2018 and has been pursuing her artistic career since graduating.

A desk with a painting of a landscape, a painted lampshade and plant on top of it.

Dorota started oil painting when she was 11 and has spent the years since developing the skill. Dorota is a landscape artist and focuses her art on blending symbolism and romanticism and using the connection of our homes and the land around us.  

Creativity is now a part of the alumna’s everyday life. Dorota has previously struggled to merge her passion for painting with her daily routine -during her masters degree the alumna worked full-time and studied part-time which allowed her to maintain a busy work ethic. Dorota reflected that this helped her reignite a passion for art after finishing her studies as it taught her to dedicate more time to her creative ventures outside of work. Dorota also switched profession from working in design to innovation management which prompted her to reconnect with her creativity once again.  A painting of a landscape on top of a desk surrounded by cacti and decorations.

Dorota shared with us the experience of reconnecting with her artistic side after graduating. She said: 

“I felt like I missed making things with my hands. It felt like a perfect time to not delay that part of my creativity anymore.  
“In fact, not sacrificing my creativity to keep harmony in my life has been the biggest learning of my journey rediscovering my passion for art. Carving out space to create alongside full time job, that I can pursue more than one passion, how to maintain consistency and not let things get in the way all require both self-discipline but also kindness when life gets in the way. 

Since her passion reignited, Dorota dove headfirst into showcasing her talent. Last year the alumna hosted her first Artist Open House where she displayed her oil landscapesportraits and mixed media throughout a home in Southwick, Brighton. Last year Dorota was also a wildcard at the Landscape Artist of the year at Royal Ascot and her busy year continued as she went on to exhibit at Sussex Contemporary at the i360. The alumna is currently preparing to join the Artwave Festival at Costguard Cottages in Cuckmere in September.  

Four canvasses of winter sketches.