Keen golfers, get yourself teed up with Rightee

A black and white graphic depicting a golf ball in the air. There are lines showing where to aim the ball and where it would travel. Text on the image reads Golf Recommendations That Never Miss. Try Rightee.

If you have ever picked up a golf club, you’ll know that your game can be largely affected by weather conditions. That’s why alumnus Guilherme Ribeiro has come up with a new way to improve your game through his app, Rightee.

Rightee is a brand-new way to tee up and offers recommendations to make sure golfers are ready to swing in the right direction!

The app is a golf assistant that is set to help golfers to improve their game. The app works off local weather data, GPS and a database of over 38,000 golf courses to provide golfers with shot and club recommendations.

The app also offers users the chance to track scores, access guidance and top tips, and to play alongside friends.

Rightee has been created by 4 Precision LTD, a start-up established in London. The business, co-founded by alumnus Guilherme, has a single mission: to bring accessibility to sports.

Starting out with golf, the start-up is interested in expanding the offering to other sports in coming months and years. Guilherme said:

“One of our goals is to expand into other sports and activities which are affected by wind and weather conditions, and where athletes can benefit from the use of our simulation.”

Guilherme graduated from Loughborough with an MSc Integrated Industrial Design degree in 2020. Passionate about his business idea, he accessed support from the Loughborough Enterprise Network as a student. We asked him about how this has helped the start-up. He added:

“The enterprise support was not only key when it came to the financial help, which allowed us to create our initial prototypes for user testing, but their network gave us the opportunity to connect with crucial resources, to fine-tune our product.”

With every business comes challenges, so what lessons have been learned along the way?:

“A fundamental lesson we learned in bringing Rightee to this stage is the importance of having a clear minimum viable product and sharing it with people as early as possible. While it's tempting to strive for perfection and delay the launch indefinitely, releasing the product early allows us to gauge its appeal and improve it based on user feedback, while keeping your business as lean as possible.”

Check out Rightee online and via your app store: Google Play / App Store - Apple.