A chance to see graduate artists at campus exhibitions

Close up of digital artwork with words 'dis slash comfort' and 'a perfect swim' in white

Six artists who are part of Loughborough University’s Graduate Artists scheme, will have their work displayed at the Martin Hall Exhibition Space across two exhibitions in April and May.

The practices of this year’s Graduate Artists are all predominantly concerned with deviation and the inequal. The cohort live queer, disability-affected, grief-struck lives, leading their work to question the performance of cultural hierarchies of gender and ability existing within contemporary culture. Split between two exhibitions, each of the six artists remind the viewer of their agency, and how much ‘capacity’ they are rewarded by society. 

The first exhibition, dis slash comfort, will be available to view 20-28 April with a closing party as part of Loughborough Lates on 28 April, 6pm-8pm. It features a collection of work by three Fine Art 2022 graduates; Jo Flint, Caitlin Binks and Holly Eggleston who work with textiles, text, sculpture and audio-visual work. The group challenges societal norms and taboos around gender and grief, exploring, playing, andrevelling in the dis/comfort.  

The second show, A perfect swim., will run 2-10 May with a private view on 5 May, 6pm-8pm. James Milner, Harris Urch and Sarah Wilson discuss the stifling nature of queer identity and disability within our society. Utilising a variety of media and an eerie ‘new familiarity’, the group play with their lived experiences to question practices of care and rediscover shameless joy. 

Both exhibitions are open 12pm-2pm and are free to view, no prior booking required.