International Management alumni event gives students insight into graduate schemes

A group of people standing together

Alumni guest speakers who took part in the event

On 20 October 2022, students from the Institute for International Management at Loughborough University London had the opportunity to attend a panel session and networking event about graduate schemes.

Hosted by the Future Space team, the event saw recent graduates (2016 to 2022) share their experiences of graduate schemes in the UK and Ireland.

Students had the chance to learn from alumni who are now working at companies such as KPMG, DCC Consulting and Aldi. They were given advice on when to apply and how to make the most of their opportunities whilst studying.

Alumni kindly volunteered their time to share their experiences. Guest speakers included Andrew Antwi, Malo Cherel, Theresa Kruse, David Mead, Mycayla Obryan and Stanley Paxton.

Thank you to our alumni for volunteering. If you're interested in giving your time, check out ways to get involved