We say a big thank you this Giving Tuesday

Graphic with faint star shapes on a pink and purple background. Text reads: Giving Tuesday A time to donate, volunteer and say thank you.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a time when charities celebrate and say thank you to supporters.

As a charity, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters today. Whether you have donated financially or given your time, we appreciate your generosity.

To celebrate the impact that our supporters have, we wanted to share some of our latest figures, showing how the Loughborough family pull together to support new students, facilities and more.

In the academic year 2021-22, an incredible £2.2 million was donated to the University with over 780 individuals giving financially to Loughborough.

Donations support a range of projects including health and wellbeing, enterprise and sport. Many donors choose to contribute to scholarships or hardship, typically helping students from low socio-economic backgrounds and giving people the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their university experience.

Alumni and friends also support the University by giving their time. More than 170 people volunteered last academic year, getting involved in panel discussions, guest lectures, mentoring and by contributing as Board members.

The Alumni Association has an Advisory Board which currently has 16 members, including President, Dr Luke Stott. Thanking everyone for their contributions to the University, he said:

"As a representative of the Alumni Association, I would like to express my gratitude for the contributions that alumni make to the University. Having a fantastic network of advocates for Loughborough is so important and the ways in which people support the University and its students shows that Loughborough is an incredibly special place. Thank you."

If you are feeling inspired this Giving Tuesday, find out more about giving to Loughborough or check out some of our current volunteering opportunities. Be sure to keep in touch with the University for all the latest news and events by updating your details.