Loughborough University London alumnus releases new chilling horror book

The Dread Somber book cover

Michael Reyes (MSc Digital Creative Media 2021) has recently published his first book The Dread Somber, a compilation of spine-tingling short stories.

The collection of stories comprises an extensive range of horror including psychological, supernatural and body horror concepts. It includes 30 short stories, six of which were written exclusively for Michael’s compilation.

The alumnus started working on the short stories for this book in 2015 and the assembly of horror took seven years to perfect.

His genre of choice is horror, having always been a fan of it across all platforms. He was inspired to write his own horror publication - choosing the format of short stories to allow him more freedom and control in his writing.

Michael, who publishes under the title M.A Reyes, believes that good stories are ones which leave an impact on their reader.

Michael’s book can be found here.