The world’s first fitness tracker in a gumshield is available now on Kickstarter

Orb mouthguards in different colours.

The ORB Smartguard is unique because it can track critical fitness indicators like heart rate as well as head impact data. It can do this on the pitch if you play rugby or hockey or in the ring if you box or do combat sports. Your data is available to you on a dedicated App during or post session and will allow you to build a detailed picture of your performance and risk factors.

ORB Smartguard is the creation of two young British engineers and Loughborough alumni – Rob Paterson (Product Design Engineering 2017) and Tom Quinn (Electronic and Electrical Engineering, 2018) – who met at Loughborough University six years ago and have been developing this unique technology ever since.

Rob Paterson, CEO and Co-founder ORB Innovations says

“Launching the ORB Smartguard is the proudest day of my life. We have worked so hard to bring this revolutionary technology platform to the market. We are offering every player of contact and combat sports, at whatever level they play, an opportunity to maximise their performance as well as better understand what the head impacts they receive mean for their health and wellbeing.”

Tom Quinn, CTO and Co-founder ORB Innovations says

“The biggest challenges have always been related to the electronics being in the mouth. On the one hand we had to make sure everything is as small as possible so that the gumshield is comfortable whilst also doing everything that we asked of it. We also had to remember that the gumshield has to perform its primary function – to protect the wearers teeth and jaw - as well as give our users this rich source of data.”

The ORB Smartguard is exclusively available now in limited numbers on Kickstarter for £99.