Alumnus Tariq Alrimawi recognised as a finalist in the StudyUK Alumni Awards

The prestigious British Council StudyUK Alumni Awards highlight alumni who are leaders and have used their experience of studying at a UK university to make a positive contribution to their communities, professions, and countries.

There are four awards categoriesScience and Sustainability, Culture and Creativity, Social Action, and Business and Innovation.

Tariq graduated from Loughborough with a PhD in Animation in 2014 and he currently runs his own company as an Animation Consultant. Previously he was the founder and department Head of Animation and Multimedia at the University of Petra, Jordan.

The alumnus was made a finalist in the Culture and Creativity award category and credits some of his success to studying in the UK.

Tariq said:

“My experience in the UK was excellent. The strong infrastructure and facilities for practice and research helped tremendously.

“The academic staff, technicians, and visiting experts from the European animation industry provided training, supervision, workshops, feedback, and masterclasses that helped position me as a Jordanian animation filmmaker on the world stage.”

The alumnus went on to use his experiences in the UK to inspire others.

He commented:

“After receiving my PhD, I established the Animation & Multimedia Department at the University of Petra in 2016. The aim of the programme, which awards a bachelor's degree, is to impart best practices in storytelling and visual communication to its graduates, who will in turn enrich the domestic and international marketplaces with their in-depth knowledge.

“Without a doubt, studying in the UK helped me to understand the British educational system and its curriculums, which naturally reflected on our programme at the University of Petra.

“More than 175 students have enrolled in the programme so far. The students who have graduated from the Animation & Multimedia Department have already begun working in the creative industry in Jordan and the surrounding regions.

“I have supervised students whose animated movies, created as their graduation projects, were shown at international film festivals, with many winning awards. Those graduates are now promoting the Jordanian and Arab animation industry and telling our stories visually at international animation festivals and to the broader public.”

The alumnus has won 20 awards domestically and internationally for his animations. These can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

Congratulations Tariq on making it to the final of the British Council StudyUK Alumni Awards.