Pandemic inspires alumnus to write his dream book

chow siong lam

Chow Siong Lam has recently had a book published, Education of a Wandering Young Man, about his experiences of travelling as a student.

The alumnus, who lives in Singapore, had always wanted to write a book but never found the opportunity. Then, when the pandemic struck and the world was in a state of lockdown, he made use of the time to start writing about his days of wandering, whilst a student at Loughborough.

Chow travelled extensively to different parts of the world as a student, and this was the basis for the book.

Chow said:

"This book came 25 years late. If not for the ‘circuit breaker lockdown’ in Singapore which was introduced by the government, this book might never have seen the light of day.

"I have always wanted to write a book about my travels. A few years before I turned thirty, my sister bought me a T-shirt as a birthday present. The words that were printed on it, ‘I wrote my first book before I turn thirty’, this became my secret wish.

“However, as was the case for most young people the natural events of life just consumed all my time and energy. From full time teaching to marriage to starting a family, and moving house several times.

“There was no time to sit down, recollect and reflect on my wandering days. Then Covid-19 came into this world and imposed a lockdown in many countries in 2020, including Singapore. All of a sudden, I was blessed with much time.”

Chow graduated with a degree in English and Physical Education in 1989 and a PGCE in 1990.

Find out more about Chow’s book Education of a Wandering Young Man.

Photo taken of Chow in Kenya in September 1988.