New graduate business offers range of Afrocentric loungewear and accessories

Three women wear IMROK's blue and purple robes and bonnets.

In August 2021, alumna Eunice Kormi launched her business IMROK.

Eunice has been designing and creating clothes for a while and decided to turn her passion into a business. Through IMROK, she is offering African print loungewear and accessories with the aim to make people look and feel good, whilst also being comfortable.

With a love for African culture, Eunice combined her sewing and designing hobbies with distinctive African prints and western fabric to create the new products in the Imrok Collection.

The range includes robes and hair bonnets in an array of prints and complimentary patterns.

The bonnets are made with vibrant Ankara prints and lined with satin fabric to keep hair protected from tangles, kinks, and dryness. They’re reversible, too, and matching robes are also available.

Eunice, pictured below, held a launch party for IMROK on 26 August. She was joined by family and friends as she celebrated the opening of her new online store.

Eunice at the launch party for IMROK

Eunice said:

The store is dedicated to providing the best of Afrocentric products, with a focus on high quality, comfortability, and uniqueness.

The alumna, who graduated in 2020 with a degree in Sociology with Criminology, is balancing her new venture alongside her full-time job as a Graduate Marketing Analyst at a global bank.

We asked Eunice why it’s important to her to champion black-owned businesses. She said:

Supporting black-owned businesses is important to me as it helps bridge the racial wealth gap as it offers employment opportunities and increases the chances of ROI for black individuals and communities.

I believe championing black-owned businesses shouldn’t be a ‘trend’ or something that should be done as a one-off but rather adopted as a lifestyle to shift the status-quo.

Eunice also shared some advice for people looking to start their own business:

Planning is critical for new business owners. I started off by having an accountability partner who I’d share my goals with, so luckily would frequently be reminded to stay on track to achieve my SMART objectives.

I’ve learnt so much from failure and the challenges I faced during the planning phases, which I’m grateful for, so don’t let these deter you from executing your business.

Nowadays there are lots of funding opportunities available to people with business ideas and YouTube also has lots of practical tips, so it’s definitely worth tapping into these resources.

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This feature forms part of the University's Black History Month celebrations.