Alumni launch Kickstarter for board game

dog park board game

Alumni couple Lottie and Jack Hazell co-founded their publishing company Birdwood Games in 2020, and will launch their first board game, Dog Park, on Kickstarter on 14 September.

Inspired by the pairs’ Springer Spaniel, Rupert, Dog Park orientates around the player(s) operating their own dog walking business. The game features illustrated cards of 163 breeds in the standard edition while the collector’s edition features all 221 dogs recognised by the UK Kennel Club (as of 2020).

According to Birdwood Games, “Dog Park is a competitive set collection and point-to-point movement game about walking dogs. In Dog Park, you and your friends will take on the role of dog walkers – recruiting, walking, and caring for your dogs over four rounds.

“In each round, you will journey through the Dog Park with your pups to collect resources, earn reputation, and interact with your fellow walkers. Choose your routes and dogs carefully to earn the best reputation and prove you are the most accomplished walker of them all.”

The publishing company was awarded the University’s start-up fund award in 2020. In addition to designing board games, Lottie is a writer, marketing consultant, and is currently undertaking a creative writing PhD at Loughborough University.

Lottie graduated with a degree in English in 2014 and completed her master’s degree in Creative Writing in 2015. Meanwhile, Jack graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance in 2014 and completed his master’s degree in Banking and Finance in 2015.

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