Matt leads crowdfunding campaign to boost mental health personal training offer

Alumnus Matt Wolstenholme (Politics and English 2003) founded FitMind after facing difficulties surrounding his mental health. Now he is leading a crowdfunding campaign to expand FitMind, which offers personal training for those struggling with their own mental health.

After leaving Loughborough, Matt worked as a journalist for several years before deciding on a career change where he set up his own personal training business. Now he has more than a decade’s experience as a personal trainer.

Non-profit organisation FitMind is using the power of exercise to combat depression and anxiety, providing specialist personal training for free to people referred by their GP. They provide personalised, one-to-one exercise programmes to help people feel better. In the same way that counselling allows people to talk to an expert, FitMind aims to help people who are struggling by exercising with an expert and getting them moving with empathy and enthusiasm.

Matt said:

“I set up FitMind because I had seen the impact that expert, one-to-one exercise sessions can have on mental health through my private clients. I wanted to provide this service for free to those who need it most. We provide gym sessions, home visits and outdoor workouts. I have also previously struggled with depression myself and the one thing that always helped me the most was exercise. We all know exercise is good for our physical health, but it can give our mental health a huge boost as well.

“FitMind has only been up and running for about six months, but we've already had some wonderful feedback and amazing, life-changing results. In the future, we are hoping to expand the organisation and build partnerships with GP surgeries, mental health organisations, charities, and businesses across the UK.”

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