Innovative earbuds engineered to thrive in tough workout environments

Tom sits at a table that has lots of boxes of headphones on it.

Tzuka earbuds were designed and created by alumnus Tom Jelliffe who graduated with a degree in Geography and Management in 2017.

After breaking several pairs of earbuds in the gym, Tom discovered that most sports earbuds were designed for aerobic activities. He found that cost had little influence on their standard, the build quality remained poor, and cheap materials and assembly methods were used in manufacturing.

Tzuka has revolutionised the manufacturing and assembly process behind sports earbuds. They are impact resistant, shockproof, waterproof to over a meter in depth, and have been specifically engineered to thrive in tougher workout conditions.

The earbuds have 4GB of built-in storage, allowing the user to upload 60 hours of music directly to the Tzuka earbuds. They have a MP3 mode which can be activated with the tap of a finger for phone-free workouts and are suitable for underwater listening.

Tom has worked with the Manufacturing Technology Centre to evolve and test his innovation and partnered with Newbury Innovation to develop the internal electronics for the earbuds.

Tzuka has now passed the initial testing stage and Tom is working on an advanced prototype with custom electronics before a final model is produced.