Alumni start-up signals the end of patchy Wi-Fi

Alumnus Andres Urena, a Loughborough University London graduate, has recently launched Oscar Internet, aiming to improve home internet connectivity.

Andres was excited by a 5G service available to him for studying, but soon found that the signal in his home was poor. Fashioning an outdoor antenna to improve his signal, Andres experimented and improved his personal Wi-Fi connectivity, and was inspired to help others, too, so he founded Oscar Internet.

Oscar cubes provide a single Wi-Fi signal in a home. Instead of having different signals, Oscar decides which signal is the strongest from where you are connecting so that users don’t have to switch between bandwidths.

The technology amplifies the Wi-Fi signal from the router, rather than repeating.

This is his third start-up. He said: “Although the pandemic has been very hard for most international students, finding my next passionate venture in the midst of all this has been a true gift”.

He has so far attracted more than 300 customers and is interested in raising funds to support his start-up business.

Check out Oscar Internet.