Malaysian alumnus achieves Guinness World Record

Harinder Sekhon in a black and orange sports shirt

Harinder Sekhon has been officially announced as the world record holder for the highest standing jump on one leg, by Guinness World Records for his jump of 138.4 cm.

The alumnus, a national cricketer and mathematics teacher, recently gained two national records for highest standing jump and most number of standing box jumps in 1 Minute. He credits his strenuous training and diet for his achievements.

Harinder said:

“Pushing my body to its limit almost every day for the past few months to break the record does make me feel really good. My typical training would include 20 minutes of yoga in the morning and three hours of strength and jump training after work.

“I feel that our bodies are capable of much more than how we use them daily and I like to really push my boundaries. I might even attempt a record in a category that is not related to jumping!”

Harinder graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2013.