Alumnus Andy kickstarts the Happiness Revolution with his new book

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Alumnus Dr Andy Cope and co-author Professor Paul McGee have recently released a new book, The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto For Living Your Best Life.

The book outlines a 10-point happiness manifesto based on the science behind positive psychology and the reality of life. The principles are intended to be simple, doable and above all make a difference not only to the reader, but to others too.

In 2003, Andy Cope completed his PhD on positive affect (happiness) and flourishing in the workplace. Dr Cope has gone on to become a best-selling author and his works include: ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, ‘Shine’ and ‘The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence’.

Andy now runs Art of Brilliance, a training company, formed as a public interest organisation that is focused on improving happiness and wellbeing at all levels in society. They work with a wide range of audiences from large corporates such as DHL, Hewlett Packard and Astra Zeneca, to children as young as eight.

Andy has featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Esquire and is regularly asked to comment on employee engagement, wellbeing, and human flourishing. Outside of his work on wellbeing, Andy is also a best-selling children’s author. His ‘Spy Dog’ series has sold more than a million copies worldwide.

You can find out more about Andy and ‘The Happiness Revolution’ online.