Passion for Innovation at the heart of Martin Gossling’s career

martin gossling

Innovation is a theme that has been a constant throughout Martin Gossling’s career.

The alumnus, who graduated with a degree in Creative Design in 1984, has over 35 years’ experience working in all aspects of product design, development, manufacturing and sales, as well as contract law and contract development. He’s worked for companies such Motorola and was involved with initial concepts for the first smart phone while at Tao, a Motorola funded software company.

Martin’s passion is for developing products that help society and his work currently focuses on medical devices that support the work of clinicians.

His company, 270 Vision are developers of wearable, simple-to-use, highly accurate body analysis technology for use in injury prevention and rehabilitation in the medical, employee welfare and elite sports sectors.

With eight patents granted in the UK, including one in the US, the company specialise in motion sensor design and development.

One of their products is BPMpathway, a cost-effective remote patient assessment platform that supports orthopaedic patients through their preparation for surgery, during the acute hospital phase and throughout their rehabilitation.  At the same time, it provides clinicians with the vital data needed to assess their on-going recovery progress.

The product has won a number of health and digital tech awards and is already being used by 8 NHS Trusts across the country and in 8 regions around the world including China and India.

Martin was kind enough to volunteer to support the recent #LboroInnovation online panel event where he shared his expertise with current students and fellow alumni.

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