Loughborough family congratulates new graduates

lboro family congratulates new grads

Graduation ceremonies for 2020 and 2021 Loughborough graduates have been taking place on the Loughborough University campus since 19 July.

Alumni, parents, students, and friends were invited to share advice and congratulatory messages with 2020 and 2021 graduates. More than 140 people have been in touch with a special message – and you can still get involved until 30 July.

Alumni President Oliver Sidwell (2007) shared his message: “Congratulations! You’ll remember the day and regale your time and experiences at Loughborough forever. Enjoy your richly deserved celebrations!”

Many alumni have taken the opportunity to share pieces of advice, drawing on personal career experiences and their time since Loughborough.

Alumnus Neil Oatley (1976) said: “You now have the tools to accomplish your dreams. Always follow your heart and never give up.”

Others have taken the chance to share memories of their time at the University. Alumna Vivienne Charrett (1973, pictured) said: “Loughborough gave me the confidence to speak equally and authoritatively with anyone, and I look back on my time there with great happiness.

“I hope your careers are just as successful!”

Many 2020 graduates have also got involved from around the world.

Alumna Lauren Brzozowski said:

“I want to wish all the current and future Loughborough graduates all the success and happiness in the world.

“I wish I could be there in person but I will be watching online from the Olympic Training Center as I train for National Bobsled Push Championships.”

Congratulating her peers, Suryani Ahmad (pictured) sent a message from Malaysia:

“Congratulations to all graduates 2020 and 2021, WE did it! Best wishes for the future. May all your dreams come true.

“A big thank you to my supervisors Dr Robby Soetanto and Prof Chris Goodier, my family, and friends. All the hard work has paid off.”

Shloka Kalro, adds:

“My year at Loughborough taught me never to be afraid to take a chance that comes your way, even if the outcome is uncertain.

“I have seen myself grow as an individual through this year, and I want to thank everyone who played a part in my journey-my wonderful friends, my professors, my colleagues, and everybody else who I met along the way.

“This journey would have been incomplete without you all. Congratulations!”

Messages are shared on our #LboroGrad website where you can also see posts from social media celebrating everyone’s amazing achievements. You can share a message until 30 July via our online submission form.