Dipesh Patel, Internet of Things expert, gives alumni careers talk

A photo of Dipesh Patel

Dipesh Patel, who graduated with a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 1995 is now leading technology innovation at Arm from Silicon Valley, California.

Sharing his careers advice through a virtual Q&A with students live from Silicon Valley, Dipesh gave insights into: 

-              Entrepreneurship and leadership

-              Motivation

-              Machine learning

-              The different career paths available in Internet of Things

-              How to stand out in a job interview

On leadership, Dipesh emphasised the importance of not “hovering” too close to the detail as a manager or leader, highlighting “helicopter leadership” is to be avoided.

 Dipesh said:

“If there is a problem, it’s okay to deep dive with a team or colleague to coach them through it, but if you do so, remember to zoom out again quickly”.

When interviewing candidates for a job, he looks for attitude and aptitude over other things. He also believes that entrepreneurship plays a key role in the future of any business, no matter what its size.

Dipesh commented:

“It is not just the preserve of the start-up; innovation and entrepreneurialism need to happen regardless of the size of the company”.

The Q&A session was very popular with students and Dipesh has agreed to return and be a guest speaker at another event later in the year.

Arm is one of the world’s leading technology companies and developed the tech in most laptops, phones or tablets. At Arm, Dipesh leads the Internet of Things Platform Business, Research and the Digital IT teams and he became Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2020.

Before taking on the role of CTO, Dipesh previously served as President of Arm’s Internet of Things Services Group, responsible for building a new software and services business. He also held multiple leadership positions including Executive VP of Technical Operations, responsible for Arm’s IP development infrastructure, General Manager of the physical design group and other technical management positions in engineering and research.

Thank you to Dipesh for volunteering his time to support students in their career development.

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