Alumni duo develop app to create more convenient shopping experience

Akash Bais and Rohit Bhuyar have recently launched Otos Inc. Ltd., an app that aims to bring everyday shopping together in one convenient place.

In their day jobs, Akash works in renewable energy and Rohit in the automotive industry. Together with two further founders they have launched Otos with intent to promote a hassle-free shopping experience.

Otos is an app for countries in Europe that is intended to make everyday shopping a convenient process. It will offer users the chance to save money by connecting them with all participating supermarkets and stores – including small, local businesses – with just one log in.

Users will not need to have multiple apps and will instead be able to use Otos to access everything in one place. The app will also give independent stores, who may not have the capital to set up their own delivery systems, the opportunity to access their markets online.

Akash says:

“We believe that we are highlighting the biggest issue in the retail industry by administering all the important features in a single app.

“Otos Inc. was created during the pandemic whilst the world faced adversity. There is a need for an innovative vision to keep the economy running”.

The app will offer users the chance to make a shopping list, which brings out the best deals at participating stores. Customers can go straight to relevant stores and pay using the universal in-app scan and pay solution. They will also have the option to have their orders delivered, or to choose collection. The app will also store receipts, warranties, and loyalty cards.

Akash and Rohit graduated in 2011 with MSc degrees in Renewable Energy Systems Technology and Engineering Design, respectively.