Kickstarter launched in bid to evolve the kettlebell

Kickstarter launched in bid to evolve the kettlebell

Alumnus Joshua Hume has recently started a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising £25,000 to support the launch of his product, Kettlecross.

Kettlecross aims to evolve the much-loved kettlebell by reducing the impact that the equipment has on wrist strain and forearms.

Joshua’s patent-pending design is developed and manufactured in the UK and is made from fully recycled and recyclable materials.

The alumnus has worked in product development for almost 15 years. He ran a successful Kickstarter for the product FITT Cube, a multi-functional fitness product, in 2017.

On the Kickstarter page, Joshua, who graduated with a BSC in Sports Technology in 2010, says:

“By modelling the Kettlecross on a traditional kettlebell there’s one less hurdle to overcome. It’s familiar and intuitive.

“At the same time, by increasing the versatility of the Kettlecross, no two workouts need look the same so you’re constantly engaged.”

The Kickstarter campaign launched on 6 August and will end on 5 September.

Find out more about Kettlecross.