Diversifying approach to business amid the pandemic

Alumna Reena Patel, who graduated from Loughborough in 2005 with an MSc in Finance and Management, was working in corporate roles until she decided to set up her own business, utilising training she had undertaken in yoga and meditation.

She founded Yoga Loughborough several years ago, and last year launched Inner8 Wellbeing - offering coaching, courses, and seminars - pivoting her work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based in Loughborough and teaching classes in the area, Reena was also spending time in mindful communities and yoga ashrams worldwide to build on her skills. When the pandemic hit, Reena needed to rethink her business and innovate to diversify her offering.

With a corporate background in risk management, Reena felt that wellbeing offerings could be improved upon in the workplace.

She said:

“Being passionate about how leadership can influence so many people whether in an organisation or within a community, I decided to create Inner8 Wellbeing.

“The difference with this is that it can use tried and tested ancient philosophies around wellbeing that work with individuals in communities but has not yet been embedded within organisational culture.

“The culture of an organisation I believe rests heavily on the leaders of an organisation. The philosophy is deep rooted and so profound that it’s about taking such high principals and then applying it to day-to-day management and leadership. Changing leadership behaviours is also key to ensuring employees buy in to a message or feel they are working towards something bigger and not just for profit.”

Reena launched Inner8 Wellbeing in July 2020 and collaborated with final year students at the University on branding for her new venture. She is also working on an internship scheme to develop her business offering.

Check out Inner8 Wellbeing.