Trevor Jones

Physical Education with Biology 1972

United Kingdom

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones works as a Development Director at Winning Presentations.

Previously Trevor had worked in Shareholder, Non-Executive and Chief Executive positions at various companies. 

He is particularly interested in using his experience to inspire and motivate others in ways that will benefit both them and their careers, using his previous roles to inspirconfidence and determination in others. 

Trevor would like to be involved in fundraising and using the alumni community to sustain life-long relationships and communication globally. He recognises the potential of overseas development within the Alumni Association 

During his time on the AAB, Trevor would like to inform students of the prospects that Loughborough can offer them, concentrating on Engineering and Astrophysics. He is also concerned with targeting alumni activities following the impact of Covid-19 to reinstate and rebuild relationships pre-pandemic and build on common interests. 

His three-year term will run from 2022-2025.