Headshot of Emma Barrat

Emma Barrat

BSc Sociology, 2001
United Kingdom

Emma works as a partner at Prefcap, an investment company

Prior to this she had the opportunity to work in finance, a field which she is extremely passionate about. She wants to use her experiences to share her enthusiasm and spread her ambition to succeed with other alumni.  

She is a keen believer in people achieving their goals and wants to use her skills of being a strong communicator, her expertise in finance and a strong network in the city (London) to assist others.  

Her goal is to create a nationwide network outside of the city whilst also incorporating international connections for both undergraduate and postgraduate students that will create new opportunities in the workplace and help achieve end goals of full-time work. Emma would like to do this by providing access to different businesses, lectures and mentoring, and her own network.  

Her three-year term will run from 2022-2025