headshot of Consolata Amod

Consolata Amode

MSc International Financial and Political Relations, 2014
United Kingdom

Consolata works as the Head of Client Board at Magnet AMS.

Prior to this she dedicated almost a decade to the public sector both in Philanthropy and at the London School of Economics working at the hub of the school's revenue. During this time, she specialised in working with different charities and setting up plenty of programmes and activities including summer schools and distance learning programmes.  

She would like to explore initiatives to address the UK’s digital skills gap and use her experience and networks to create tailored employment opportunities in the digital technology sector. 

Consolata is keen to identify openings to create a channel of minority candidates to help improve female and minority involvement in technology companies. She is interested in using her expertise in the field to assist philanthropy, alumni relations,and commercialisation to help track how the Boards’ contributions improve rapport and the University’s donation income. 

Her three-year term will run from 2022-2025