headshot of Aisha Adedeji

Aisha Adedeji

BSc Banking Finance and Management, 2015
United Kingdom

Aisha is a currently a finance coach, maths tutor, career coach, Youtuber & marketing manager at The Hustle Table, a platform that she has co-created.

The focus of the platform is to discuss finance, careers, ambitions and is registered in the UK and Nigeria. She was previously a Wealth Manager for First Bank UK .She currently lives in both the UK and Nigeria.

The Hustle Table is an educational platform which teaches young people and businesses the importance of managing their finances. She has worked in Nigeria, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and the UK across Business Banking, Marketing, and Investment Management.

Aisha also played semi professional basketball for over 10 years but after an injury, began coaching basketball for young children and is also a qualified nutritionist in her spare time.

In 2021 she received an award from Yahoo Finance, recognised as a Future Leader of the HERoes Women Role Model Lists 2021 supported by Yahoo Finance.

Aisha started a three-year term on the AAB in September 2020 and was re-elected in 2023 for a further three years.