Professor Daniel Chernilo

BA (U. Chile), PhD (Warwick)

  • Visiting Professor of Social and Political Thought

My research area is social and political thought broadly understood and my writing engages with a whole range of theorists from Hobbes to Luhmann via Simmel, Karl Löwith and Jürgen Habermas. I am interested in the relationships between natural law and social theory, nationalism and cosmopolitanism, the problem of universalism in modern normativity.

My current research programme centres on the idea of Philosophical Sociologywhich seeks to investigate the relationships between explicit conceptions of the social and implicit ideas of human nature in the social sciences. This is what I explore in my new book Debating Humanity. Towards a Philosophical Sociologythat looks at the ways both contemporary sociologists (e.g Margaret Archer, Talcott Parsons, Luc Boltanski) and philosophers (Hannah Arendt, Charles Taylor, Hans Joas) construe their arguments on the key anthropological features that make us human.

I have also blogged on this project for The Sociological Imagination and The Sociological Review.

I have given over 70 invited presentations, lectures or graduate courses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain and the UK. I sit in the Editorial Board of Sociology and in the international boards of British Journal of Sociology and European Journal of Social Theory. I am also a Social Science panel member of the Newton Initiative.

You can access my research profile at:

Also, you can follow me on twitter @danielchernilo

I welcome doctoral students in the following areas:

a) The relationships between philosophy and sociology

b) Normative challenges in contemporary society

c) Classical and contemporary social and political thought

d) Nationalism and cosmopolitanism

  • Classical and Contemporary Social and Political Thought
  • Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Global Modernity
  • Philosophical Sociology and the Problem of Universalism
  • Doing Theory Research
  • Sociological Imagination (UG)
  • The Individual and Society (UG)
  • Classical & Contemporary Social Theory (UG)
  • Media and Modernity (PG)

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