Professor Stephen Case

  • Doctoral Programme Lead (Criminology, Sociology & Social Policy)
  • Professor of Youth Justice

Stephen was previously an Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Swansea University.

His primary research interests are youth justice, youth crime prevention and social justice, particularly the promotion of positive, children first ways of working with children embroiled in the Youth Justice System.

He is a member of the Youth Justice Board's Academic Advisory Panel and sits on the steering group of the Association of Panel Members.

Stephen has conducted large-scale funded research for the Home Office, Youth Justice Board, Leverhulme Trust, Welsh Government and National Institute for Health and Social Care.

In 2013, Stephen was awarded the Howard League Research Medal (with colleague Professor Kevin Haines) for an evaluation of the Swansea Bureau youth crime diversion programme, and in 2008 he won the British Society of Criminology Brian Williams Prize for outstanding scholarship by a young criminologist.

He is currently the Principal Investigator on a Nuffield-funded project entitled 'Understanding criminogenic influences on youth offending: Context, mechanisms and outcomes'

Stephen convenes undergraduate modules focused on 'Youth Justice' and 'Introduction to Criminology and Social Policy'.

He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a founder member of the British Society of Criminology Learning and Teaching network.

Current postgraduate research students

  • Justin Brett: "What can a historical analysis of youth justice legislation tell us about the nature of youth justice?"
  • Daisy Tipping: "Tackling the criminogenic influences on youth offending: Contexts, mechanisms and outcomes"
  • Annabel Goddard: "Risk assessments in child protection: Consequences on the perceptions of young people as victims"
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