Dr. Özge Onay is a University Teacher within the Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy division at Loughborough University. Dr. Onay's academic journey commenced at Istanbul University from 2008 to 2012, where she earned a BA in American Culture and Literature, supplemented by a minor in English Language Teaching. Before her doctoral studies, Dr. Onay pursued and completed an MA in Cultural Studies with the research entitled 'Integration problems of Dutch-Turkish Youngsters,' conducted in the small province of Overijjsel, Netherlands. Dr Onay completed a PhD in Sociology from 2019 to 2022 at the University of York.

Dr Onay completed a PhD in Sociology from 2019 to 2022 at the University of York with the research entitled 'The Negative Impact and Consequences of Islamophobia on Negotiating Identity, Belonging and Everyday Life: The Case of British Turks’. By way of background, her research interests lie in the Sociology of Racism and its intricate connection to the study of migration, ethnicity, identity, and belonging within minoritised communities.

Throughout her research journey, Dr. Onay integrated her thinking with ongoing teaching experience both in the UK and overseas, amassing a decade's worth of experience. She taught academic English at several prestigious universities in Istanbul before starting her PhD at the University of York.

While at the University of York, she then combined her research with teaching that focused on social inequalities such as poverty, race, gender, and social class and mapped their impact on identity and belonging. Some of the modules she contributed include "The Sociology of Crime and Deviance" and "Race, Ethnicity, Division and Inequality”.


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Journal Articles

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Book Reviews

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Other Publications

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