Matt Padley

BSocSc (Hons), MA (Econ), MPhil

  • Research Fellow - Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP)
Matt studied sociology at Manchester University and, after graduating, undertook an MPhil at Nottingham University on creative labour and nostalgia in Manchester club culture(s). Between 2003 and 2009 he was a research associate at the Institute of Youth Sport (Loughborough University) and here developed an interest in social policy, and specifically how policy is delivered within, impacts upon and is shaped at the local level. Matt joined CRSP in 2009 in order to pursue his interests in social policy. His current interests focus on understanding the patterns, causes and consequences of social disadvantage, particularly with regard to income, and understanding the interplay between policy, community involvement, collaboration/cooperation and co-production. 
Outside of his work at CRSP, Matt is a lecturer for the Open University, teaching the introductory social science module, and is involved in a number of local and city-wide community projects within Nottingham.

Matt is involved in research across the Minimum Income Standards programme and lead the annual analysis of Households below a Minimum Income Standard. Over the past year he has lead research developing a Minimum Income Standard for London (funded by Trust for London) and worked with Birmingham City Council to undertake an analysis of the living wage in the city and the impact of some key elements of welfare reform.

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