Madelyn Harbach Butterworth

MSc in Social Research (with Social Policy)

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher

In 2019, Mads started a BSc in Sociology at Loughborough University. This undergraduate degree showed Mads different areas of Sociology, with intoxication being a keen interest.

Having found a passion for Sociology, Mads continued her studies to an MSc in Social Research with Social Policy in 2022 to prepare for a PhD. The Masters, along with a dissertation as a pilot study for research methods, has given Mads the skills for her doctoral studies.

Mads was awarded an ESRC Studentship to complete her own research into drug education within schools, with a focus on co-production. 


The Successes and Drawbacks of Drug Education Within Secondary Schools from an Adolescent Viewpoint via Co-Production.

PGR Supervisors: Dr Thomas Thurnell-Read and Dr Mark Monaghan

Mads’ research is to examine illegal drug education within secondary schools. Its current effectiveness will be reviewed through documentary analysis of relevant drug policies and child-centred primary research, such as peer interviews.

By observing current teachings, Mads intends to authentically understand drug education. This will provide a clear landscape of the current drug education structure from which strengths and weaknesses can be identified and improved upon for future drug education policies.