Haojie Fang

Pronouns: He/him
  • Doctoral Researcher

Haojie Fang is a full-time doctoral researcher at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Loughborough University (2022-2025), supervised by Prof. Paula Saukko; Dr Katie Coveney and Dr Jessica Robles.

He got his MA in Communication in Jinan University and BA in Radio and Television Journalism in Henan Normal University.

His PhD project is jointly funded by Loughborough University and the China Scholarship Council.


Niche digital blind date corner: finding partners with shared cultural interests in the general social media platform Douban in China

PGR Supervisors: Prof. Paula Saukko; Dr Katie Coveney; Dr Jessica Robles

Haojie’s research interests are interdisciplinary including sociology, communication and media studies, cultural studies, and science and technologies studies. He also wants to drink much knowledgeable nutrition in different disciplines and gets an epiphany in the process of the research.

He did one research on delivery riders in his Master’s (Research title: Fluid waiter/waitress: the mobility of sewing time and space of delivery riders). His PhD project examines why people appropriate the general social media (Douban) for the purpose of digital dating in Chinese context.