Ellie Moore

Pronouns: She/her
  • Postgraduate Researcher

Ellie Moore has a strong academic background in the field of sociology. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology (BA Hons) at the University of Birmingham, followed by a master’s degree at the University of Sheffield, where her interest in alcohol research was sparked. Currently, Ellie is a second-year PhD student at Loughborough University based in the School of Social Science and Humanities and a part of the Mini-Centre for Doctoral Training (CITHEI) which focuses on unequal academic citizenship in Higher Education.

Intersectional Spaces of Sobriety and Academic Citizenship within Higher Education Institutions.

Supervisors:  Dr Thomas Thurnell-Read, Dr Sophie Cranston and Dr Taimaz Larimian. 

A central feature of many university campuses in the UK is the normalisation of alcohol consumption. However, there is a growing trend of students, and more broadly young people who are choosing sobriety or limiting their alcohol consumption. This interdisciplinary project combines the fields of Sociology, Geography and the Built-Environment to investigate how non-drinking students experience university life and navigate spaces of intoxication.

The project aims to examine how this student demographic creates a sense of belonging, whilst uncovering spaces of inclusion and exclusion through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. By understanding how sobriety and moderation impact academic citizenship, the project aims to identify ways in which UK university campuses can be made more inclusive and accommodating for students who choose sobriety.