Eleanor Manhong Li

MA in Psychology of Education

  • Doctoral Researcher

I graduated from University of East Anglia in 2017 and was majored in Psychology. I completed my master’s degree at University College London studying Psychology of Education and chose “The belief in a just world theory and rape myth acceptance: A comparison between Chinese and UK citizens” as my dissertation. For my PhD research, I am mainly interested in researching jury decision making within sex offences between UK and Hongkong. I am also interested in conducting cross-cultural study between UK and China on individuals’ attitudes of sexual offences and violence against women.


Jury decision making and sex offences in Hongkong

PGR Supervisors: Dr Dominic Willmott and Dr Neema Trivedi-Bateman

Eleanor’s main research interest focuses on jury’s decision making of sexual offences. She is aiming to conduct cross-cultural research among individuals from UK, Hongkong, and mainland China on their attitudes toward sexual crimes, and its underlying predictors, as well as the influence of these attitudes on court trials.