Dominic joined Loughborough University as a Senior Lecturer in Criminology in April 2022, having previously taught Forensic Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research, obtained from the University of Huddersfield, examined juror bias and decision making within English rape trials.

He serves as an academic advisor to the Victim Commissioner for England and Wales, Dame Vera Baird, and was appointed a Visiting Professor of Criminological Psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences in Poland in 2018. He is also a trustee for JusticeisNow! a registered charity aiming to refort rape justice throughout the UK.

Dominic serves on the editorial board of the following international peer-reviewed journals: Journal of Criminal Justice, Frontiers in Psychology, The Police Journal, Frontiers in Quantitative Psychology and Measurement, Heliyon: Psychology, Crime, Security and Society, and Frontiers in Human Dynamics.

Dominic’s main research interests involve examining bias within the Criminal Justice System alongside attempting to measure and reduce problematic attitudes which underlie gender-based violence throughout global societies. He regularly consults government organisations and NGO’s on such issues.

He was a co-investigator on a large UKRI GCRF multi-country research project based at the University of Huddersfield tasked with developing prosocial computer games that educate children and young people about gender-based violence. As part of this research, known as the ‘None-in-Three’ Project, Dominic and his colleagues carried out research and educative interventions with more than 20,000 children and young people in Uganda, India, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, and the UK.

His research, publications, and doctoral supervision typically centre around the following topics: jury decision making, rape myth beliefs, gender-based violence (behaviour and supportive attitudes), child abuse and neglect, offending identities and motivations, and psychopathology.

At Loughborough University, Dominic delivers teaching on a range of topics and contributes to modules including:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • The Criminal Justice System in England and Wales
  • Becoming a Criminologist

Dominic is available to supervise PhDs exploring jury decision making in sexual offence trials, rape myths and broader attitudes towards sexual violence, offending behaviour and motivations, and more generally, research exploring bias within the criminal justice system.

Previous PhD students:

  • Dr Russell Woodfield – ‘Profiling Trauma and the Associated Mental Health Outcomes in Prison Personnel’ (Completed 2020).

Current PhD candidates:

  • Georgia Barnett – How can we stop prison from making people more criminal? An investigation into how to intervene with men in prison in England.
  • Lucie Homer – Exploring Criminal Social Identity (CSI) among OCG prison populations in England & Wales.
  • Lara Hudspith – Exploring the barriers to justice in English rape trials: Interviewing former jurors, barristers, victim-survivors and ISVA’s.
  • Gill Kirkman – An investigation of Adolescent Dating Violence and Attitudes (ADVA) among UK adolescents.
  • Hannah Lorimer – Exploring the role of offending identities in the risk assessment and risk management process of offending men.
  • Catherine Phillips – Identifying bias in juror decision making and evaluating the effectiveness of pre-trial educational interventions.
  • Gareth Ross – Investigating the relationship between prison social climate and criminal social identity within inmate populations.

Book Chapters

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