Alex (Jiahui) Li

Pronouns: He/him
  • Postgraduate Researcher
Doctoral Researcher wearing a white shirt, dark tie against a blue background

I completed an MA in public relations and communication management at Cardiff University in 2020. I have worked in the Internet media industry for a period. At that time, I was selected as a member of the Internet Marketing Experts Group of the China Industrial Cooperation Association. After that, I joined Loughborough and started my PhD study in 2023.

Digital health literacy and users’ perceptions about food tracking app

Supervisors:  Dr Adrian Leguina and Dr Katie Coveney

My research interests are in medical technology, the daily use of digital media, and sociological research on health. I prefer using the mixed research method including quantitative and qualitative methods.

My research has developed over these years. A few years ago, McLuhan's "Media are extensions of people" left a deep impression on me. The media technology determinism also attracted me to explore the new media field. So, I have always been paying close attention to topics of people's daily use of digital media. In addition, the development trend in the Chinese health industry evoked me to concentrate on health-related topics. During my master's, my final thesis explored a digital health brand. My doctoral project will continue the field that I have always been passionate about, exploring some interesting things when people use digital health software from higher philosophical dimensions.