Loughborough Criminologist appears on Channel 5 true British crime documentary series

Dr Neema Trivedi-Bateman is appearing as the resident Criminologist on the channel five series ‘Killer at the Crime Scene’.

The series follows forensic scientists and detectives as they examine evidence to identify unknown killers, using the latest cutting-edge techniques.

Neema features on episodes three and five of series three. In episode three, a north Wales community is in fear after the ritualistic murder of an elderly woman. Episode five focuses on a suspected hit and run, which leads forensic experts to find a clue that unlocks the truth. Neema features in all twelve episodes of season 2 and all eight episodes of season 1, also available using the link below.

Neema’s research expertise is in developmental psychology, including the causes and influencing factors behind a variety of behaviours. More specifically, she studies the development of moral rules and moral emotions, and how they might influence aggression or delinquency. Read more about her work here.

Watch all episodes here.