ResilienceDirect during Covid

Understanding and enhancing digital collaboration

The Covid-19 pandemic has been labelled as the largest peacetime emergency that Britain has faced in the last 100 years. The complexity and scope of the Covid-19 pandemic has required close collaboration between a diverse array of organisations from the emergency services, multiple levels of government, private and charitable organisations, and an assortment of experts and specialist bodies. ResilienceDirect has been a crucial technology enabling and enhancing communication, coordination and collaboration across the highly diverse bodies which have been required to work together to respond to the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak within the UK.

This report constitutes the first independent evidence base for emergency practitioners, national policymakers, and scholars, to understand how ResilienceDirect shapes emergency collaboration. It is based on research that analysed and evaluated how the ResilienceDirect platform was used within the UK’s Covid-19 response. It was found that ResilienceDirect was applied in many innovative ways to support the response and over 92% of users recognized it as vital to enabling collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic. This report highlights both the current value of ResilienceDirect to support collaboration and how the technology and its use could be improved in the future. The report concludes with ten recommendations to support the role of ResilienceDirect in underpinning and enhancing UK resilience.


The full and summary reports are freely accessible for all to cite, share and download.‌

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Meet our experts

Dr Daniel Sage

Reader in Organisation Studies

Dr Chris Zebrowski

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Dr Nina Jörden

Research Assistant