Sanmaré van der Bijl

I loved the opportunities that the university had to get involved with alongside studying, specifically the large range of sport and volunteering opportunities. As well as the university’s ties to industry, which helped to make the path following university less daunting.

I was unwell during college, meaning I could only complete two A levels, as I needed a reduced timetable to manage my health. When considering coming to university, both my doctors and teachers were concerned about the intense schedule university demanded. As such, a foundation year seemed perfectly suited for bridging the gap between college and University, in a supportive environment, whilst still being able to go to university and take the next steps in adulthood like my friends going onto bachelor’s degrees.

My foundation year set me up for further studies both in terms of my attitude towards my studies but also with how best to study for my style of learning. I found the foundation year fully developed me in both these areas, making a massive positive impact for all my years of study afterwards.

My favourite thing about Loughborough is the people! The community at Loughborough is like no other; there really is a place for everyone. I came to both an open day and applicant day at Loughborough University. Seeing the campus, departments and the facilities was incredible, but meeting staff and students really made me feel welcome. All in all, Loughborough University was an environment that I couldn’t wait to be a part of.

Sanmaré van der Bijl

The facilities at Loughborough are second to none. There are constantly areas on campus that are being developed to better enhance the facilities that are already there. I know I found the improvements made to the study spaces, really helped my friends and I with having the tools needed to tackle our degrees.

The people make all the difference to how you feel about the course day to day, I felt supported and knew that should I need any help with how to approach my studies or help with adapting to university life, I always had someone I could talk to.

My advice to anyone considering foundation studies at Loughborough is approach it with an open mind, attend an open day and meet the team. You will be thoroughly impressed.

Since graduating, I have started working as a software engineer for Rolls-Royce.

Sanmaré graduated from Loughborough University in 2022.

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