Sammy O’Connor Balsillie

I chose to study Chemical Engineering because it is a diverse course with many opportunities when you have completed your studies. Loughborough offers an exceptional IChemE accredited course and a rich variety of extra-curricular activities which is why I chose this course.

All the lecturers really care about your education and make themselves available for questions outside of teaching time, which I have found really valuable, and the rooms available for study in the department are a fantastic place to collaborate with fellow students which is key.

I have struggled with the overwhelming stress which comes with any degree course and the AACME wellbeing team are exceptional, offering flexible appointments and recommending a vast number of resources to help you.

My placement year on the UNITECH international programme was a fantastic experience offered exclusively to Loughborough University in the UK, I was able to study and work abroad giving me valuable life experience. I would recommend highly considering a placement year. I worked in Switzerland for Bühler AG as a sustainability intern in Corporate Technology for six months as part of my placement year. It was a fantastic introduction to industry.

Sammy O’Connor Balsillie

Being accepted onto the UNITECH international programme has been my greatest achievement, although finishing exams and big projects is rewarding. Taking part in an assessment centre and being told you have been accepted onto an elite programme and will be studying abroad was a fantastic achievement.

Following the completion of my degree I would hope to start a graduate scheme with an engineering company; an IChemE accredited degree from Loughborough and a successful placement year is a good foundation for applying for such schemes.

Every year of my degree thus far I have been a part of a different AU sport such as: Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Taekwondo. The variety of sports available at Loughborough University are an opportunity that should not be passed up. In my second year, when I made the gymnastics team, I was able to compete in a local competition held by Nottingham University, being part of AU teams also gives you the opportunity to compete in BUCS and contribute to the University rankings.

Loughborough University offers community like no other whether in lectures, halls or sports and societies. These communities that I am part of inspire me daily to continue to strive for greatness and continue even when I would like to give up.

My advice to anyone choosing this course would be to make friends in your lectures because the course is difficult and stressful but also interesting and rewarding. Having close friends by your side throughout the journey is so important for academic and emotional support.

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