Upon discovering Loughborough University, it was very clear to me that it was the best place in the country to study sports related topics. In addition, it offered the chance to combine the study of my passion in sport with mathematics, which I knew was a strong skill of mine and would position me strongly to get a job after university.

Loughborough instilled in me the ability to combine my passion with my skills. It also promoted such a fantastic sense of community amongst its students, many of which played sport at an elite level and understood the dedication and qualities required to succeed.

I strongly feel that this community, a desire to help each other succeed and some competitive spirit creates a unique and supportive environment in which to learn. The lecturers at Loughborough are also experts in their field - who better to learn from than the best?

I have always had a passion for sport and feel I will always have some involvement in elite and grassroots sport. That passion came from life before, during and after Loughborough University, which allowed me to professionalise my life in the area of sports business in combination with training as a chartered accountant.

Neill Wood

Multiple aspects of the course were applicable for life during and after university, such as structural kinesiology and nutrition – everybody should understand the way the body and muscles move as well as how to fuel it. I was lucky enough be able to learn about these topics as part of my degree.

Biomechanics was a great way to link the mathematics side of my degree to sport, with an ability to put theory into practice. I loved the fact that I could go from learning about sport theory in one lecture to order and chaos in another, keeping a variety of learning opportunities open. It is surprising how much overlap there is between the two subjects.

The advice I would give to someone considering studying this course is jump at the chance – if you have a passion and skill for either or both topics, this course will be perfect for you to gain further experience and qualifications at a prestigious university and set yourself up with potential career opportunities in both sport and business.

I have recently started to build a portfolio career, which includes investment property management, and have recently founded my own business to inspire others to learn about finance through the medium of sport.

I have returned to the University to collaborate with the School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences to deliver a unique short course that teaches learners about football finance concepts; leveraging my experience at the top of the Premier League, as financial controller of City Football Group, the parent company of Manchester City FC.

The University has also provided the honour of the title of Visiting Fellow in Sport and Football Finance at the School of Sport and Exercise and Health Sciences, something which I am extremely proud about.

I have plans to continue to invest in and grow other businesses, having discovered a new found energy as an entrepreneur. It is likely these businesses will be linked to sport in one way or another as I strongly believe that sport as a medium for inspiring others is extremely powerful.

More information about the Football Finance course can be found at www.footballfinancepro.com

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