Matthew Blanchard

Current student

Subject area

As cliché as it sounds, I knew Loughborough was the place for me as soon as I visited.

I specifically remember the welcome talk on the Open Day which really demonstrated how passionate the academic teaching staff are about the course content and their drive to elevate their students.

I can hand on heart say the teaching quality and support given to students throughout my three years here is next level. Even through the struggles of a pandemic, the academic staff were on hand to answer any questions and support me where they could.

It is difficult to put my finger on the most enjoyable part of my course as there have been many modules which have really sparked an interest and led me to consider related career choices. In addition to academic modules, the computer labs incorporated throughout the degree have both been enjoyable and useful in developing my skills ahead of my dissertation in final year.

Matthew Blanchard

My personal tutor has been unbelievably helpful, not only in signposting me toward other academic staff, but in terms of motivation and providing support.

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC) has also played a fundamental part in my final year, assisting me with the statistical elements of psychology. Although you practice these skills throughout your degree, they’re great help whenever you need confirmation, reassurance or just a simple reminder on how to do things.

The dedicated study spaces for the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences create the perfect environment for learning, as you are surrounded by peers on courses within your School, making it a great space for collaboration, as well as quiet study. For me, I found they were always better than working in my room. The range of impressive academic facilities and study spaces on offer are part of the reason I chose Loughborough.

One of my proudest achievements during my degree, has got to be my first in-person exam back after the pandemic, where I achieved my highest grades. Aside from the sheer hard work put in by myself, the University were great in staging mock examinations which gave us an opportunity to get a feel for exam conditions again. This really helped ease anxiety as I knew exactly what to expect.

Another highlight was being awarded an opportunity scholarship, which has allowed me to network with experts in their field and has really complimented my studies.

My student experience at Loughborough, both academic and socially, has provided invaluable life experience which I would not have otherwise gained and I am so grateful for that. If you’re considering studying Psychology with Criminology at Loughborough – my advice would be to go for it - the course is really enjoyable!

My Loughborough highlights outside of studying include being the RAG representative for my hall, which was great fun organising events for my 400 peers in aid of raising money for charity. I would recommend getting involved with halls committee as well as watching the sport on campus - some of my best evenings have been spent watching the rugby on a Wednesday.

Whilst studying my degree, I’ve had a great part time job working at multiple venues throughout the town centre as well as at events on campus. This job enabled me to meet so many people and gain invaluable experience for my future career, and I’ve loved every second of it.

Following graduation, I plan to continue working in my part-time job role within Loughborough and apply to the police for a 2024 start date. My degree has definitely given me a great foundation for a career in the police and I can’t wait to get started!

Above all, I have made mates for life. I knew absolutely no one when I first joined and within a few days I had a great group of mates around me that’s only continued to grow. Being a student at Loughborough University has undoubtably been the best three years of my life, I will always be part of the Loughborough family!

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