I chose to come to Loughborough because of the state-of-the-art facilities and the outstanding campus. I fell in love with Loughborough as soon as I arrived for my campus tour on a visit day. The University was also one of the top 10 universities in the UK, and one of the pioneers of engineering.

The course offered great job prospects after graduating, and the department staff were friendly, engaging and helpful. There is an aircraft in the department atrium which was also a very attractive factor for me.

I decided to study Aeronautical Engineering because I had a passion for aviation and aerospace, and a desire to understand the intricacies of air travel. I was very keen on problem solving and analysing complex situations to get to a solution - this helped me decide to pursue the engineering sector of aerospace. Mathematics is a strong skill of mine which is what initially drew me to engineering, as well as the fact that new technology is developed every day.

The balance between practical and theoretical work is what I enjoy most about my course. It is set out very well, so that you get all the theoretical knowledge needed to develop further in the field. You also get to apply that knowledge in a practical sense to gain an appreciation of how it directly impacts engineering decisions.

Ken Yau

The teaching quality is mostly of a high standard and where there are shortfalls, academic staff are very receptive to student feedback and have changed how they deliver the module to improve the student experience.

Ken Yau working with a friend

The facilities are well maintained, and relatively new although some equipment could be refurbished or replaced to better the student teaching on the rigs.

My favourite module is the Aircraft Stability and Flight Test module as it gives a practical appreciation into the rigorous testing procedure to ensure an aircraft is safe to fly. It is also incredibly exciting to spend a week at Cranfield University to actually go in an aircraft to take readings during test flights to compare with the theoretical performance.

I hope to go into the field of aerodynamics, or test flight engineering, once I graduate. My degree will be beneficial to this, as I am studying aerodynamics-based modules which provides the necessary base knowledge for the role. Additionally, the 'Aircraft Stability and Flight Test' module has provided me with a deep insight into the field of flight testing and has also allowed me to practically experience the procedure that must be carried out to certify an aircraft for commercial use.

Ken Yau working

My advice would be to get stuck in as much as you can in your first year, but also remember when it's time to ease up and take time off for yourself.

There are so many activities, societies, and sports clubs to get involved in at every ability level, so sign up for whatever you want to try. Also remember if you ever have an off day or need help, don't be afraid to ask for it - there are plenty of people who are there to support you!

My overall, favourite thing about Loughborough is definitely the community and family feeling here, whether it be through halls, the department or through the Students' Union. Everyone has a great team spirit, and there is also a great support system in place if you ever need assistance. Everyone is always willing to help each other out which embodies the Loughborough spirit!

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