Chloe Hayes

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At a first glimpse it was most definitely the campus that attracted me to Loughborough University. I loved how there was a strong community atmosphere and how everything was in walking distance. The campus is very open, there is a lot of greenery, it is clean, and it has a very modern feel.

I always knew that I wanted to study Chemistry at university and when I found out that I could also pick up some biological modules I knew that it was the right course for me. I have a passion for science and its applications in medicine and I found this course gave me the opportunity to explore my passions further.

I think the teaching quality was outstanding, especially whilst undertaking laboratory work and during extended projects during my final year. I felt I was offered a lot of support and the academic staff were extremely passionate about their subject areas. The teaching quality offered by the laboratory staff was of the highest overall quality as I felt they supported me throughout the entirety of my degree and pushed me to perform to my highest potential. The facilities were great. I was very much impressed with the STEM laboratories which gave us all access to some of the highest laboratory graded equipment and instrumentation. The facilities provided to us in the STEM laboratories were amongst the most impressive in my opinion.

Chloe Hayes

I would say that choosing this course was one of the best decisions I ever made. I really enjoyed the biological components included in the course and if they are like me and would like to combine their passions for Chemistry and Biology together then it would be a good choice for them. I would also say that the course is challenging but to never give up, work hard but have a good balance so that they enjoy their university experience whilst also studying a course that they love.

My favourite module on my course was the Principles of Biological Chemistry module in the Second Semester of my second year of my undergraduate degree. I enjoyed all of the content which was covered, and I felt that I had received some of the best support and guidance from the lecturers teaching on this module. This module was one of the most challenging for me, but it was the one I achieved the highest grade in because I thoroughly enjoyed the content covered in the lectures and the laboratories.

I loved that the course was extremely challenging yet interesting. I loved how the course pushed me to my academic limits but that the lecturers also made aspects of the course fun and interesting.

I think the social atmosphere on campus is a very positive one. When I worked as a student helper, I attended a couple of the university open days for prospective students and the social atmosphere was an extremely lively, positive, and friendly one.

There is always something going on at the Loughborough campus which adds to the positive community atmosphere that Loughborough university promotes.

The best thing about being a student at Loughborough is definitely the overwhelming sense of pride. I am proud of my achievements as a Loughborough student, and I feel that the university recognises those achievements and will always be there to support you at every stage of your career.

After graduating in the summer of 2021 Chloe was working as a Sample Handler for a Covid logistics company.

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